Vibrational Frequency: 15 Tips to Raise Your Energetic Vibration

Everything in the Universe is connected via vibrational energy.

You exist beyond the physical capsule you call your body. Your unique vibrational frequency and resonance radiates from you at all times.

All the thoughts in your head and feelings in your heart give off their on frequency. Same goes for everything in the world outside of our flesh.

Why raise your vibrational frequency?

The differing frequency of positive and negative thoughts and feelings have a huge impact on our reality.

Positive vibrations are high frequency and negative vibrations are low frequency.

In order to get what you want in life you have to vibrate positive energy. Keep a positive mental attitude towards life.

Train your mind to resonate to the frequency of the reality you want.

The best ways to raise your energetic vibration:

  1. Spend time around positive people.
    Being around people who make you feel good is bound to lift you up. Just their very presence is sometimes all it takes.
  2. Use colour therapy healing.
    This is a great way of balancing the seven Chakras which are the main energy centers of the human body.
  3. Pay attention to what you eat.
    Eating a bad diet fills our bodies with toxins. Avoid processed food, period. Eat lots of fruit and veg. Eat nuts and seeds, oily fish. Sweet potato. Here's a tip: Eat the rainbow. Red - strawberries, orange - sweet potato, yellow - peppers, green - broccoli, blue - blueberries, purple - beetroot, pink - salmon.
  4. Meditate for stress relief.
    Meditation has many mental and physical benefits. It is easier to create positive emotions with a calm mind.
  5. Observe your thoughts.
    Resisting negativity only allows it to thrive. View your thoughts objectively. Don't try and push them down as they will just build up and you risk having an emotional outbreak.
  6. Have an attitude of gratitude.
    Appreciate what you have already got in life and you will find that soon enough you will have even more to b grateful for.
  7. Spend time with animals or children.
    They have naturally higher frequencies than us. They lift our spirits.
  8. Listen to uplifting music.
    Listen to music that makes you feel good. Don't worry what others would think. Find some new music you have never heard before or listen to music you associate with good memories.
  9. Practice your hobbies.
    Whatever you enjoy. It will boost your mood and is a great emotional release. If it is something you are good at it is very good for a confidence boost.
  10. Creative Visualization.
    A very powerful mental tool. Use visualization to creative positive mental imagery.
  11. Use Binaural Beats.
    Very powerful. This requires headphones. I will provide you with a link very soon. Please bare with me. If you need it now, shoot me an email and I will help you.
  12. Be kind to others.
    Do a favour for someone, not to gain anything, just to be helpful
  13. Tidy your house.
    A clean tidy environment creates a calm mind. How can you relax if you are sitting in a cluttered room? Don't you have an urge to just get it sorted? You will feel better when you do.
  14. Laughter is the best medicine.
    Whatever it takes. Laughter is very beneficial to physical and mental health. Kind of like a full body massage.
  15. Use herbs.
    Certain herbs are known to relax or energise us. Lavender is great for relaxing us. Peppermint and eucalyptus are very refreshing.

Final thought.

The key to a joyful life is living in the love vibration. Learn to love and respect everything on this amazing planet and Universe.

Do not rely on the outside world so much for your emotions. You must find happiness within yourself.

People with higher vibrational frequencies also contribute towards raising the Earth's resonance frequency. This will allow everyone in the world to achieve a more positive existence.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you did, please share it with your friends.

Thanks for your time. Peace out.


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