The Last Guide to Lucid Dreaming You'll Ever Need


Interpret your dreams, things are not always as they seem.
Have you ever become aware of the fact you were dreaming half way through a dream?

Well this is the basic concept of lucid dreaming.

Being self-aware while dreaming and forming the ability to control your dream.

Mastering this skill is the greatest way of accessing your subconscious mind. 

It can teach you, inspire you and guide you on your journey through life. Lucid dreaming is also one of the best ways to overcome nightmares.

Exploring the world of lucid dreaming allows you to examine dream symbolism and direct the dream however is most beneficial to you. It is a very useful tool in the Law of Attraction, like a more advanced version of creative visualization.

There is a knack to becoming an expert lucid dreamer. The more you practice the more control you can gain.

How to achieve lucid dreaming.

There are many lucid dreaming techniques. You can use any combination of them to induce a lucid dream, this is the only way to truly find out what works for you.

Use your judgement as to which of the following techniques seems most promising and put it into action.

How to have a lucid dream tonight:

Reality Checks

Get in the habit of performing reality checks throughout your waking day. Some common examples of reality checks are looking at some writing a clock (if you were asleep it would appear fuzzy and would not make sense), counting your fingers. Pinch your nose and close your mouth and see if you can still breathe.

If you perform these actions often enough throughout the day they will carry into  your dreams.

Keeping a Dream Journal

There is no point in learning to lucid dream if you never remember your dreams anyway. This is a great way of distinguishing your dreaming state from your waking state too.

WILD (Wake Induced Lucid Dream)

First, when you go to bed, set an hour which will wake you up after 3 or 4 hours of sleep.

When you awaken, just lay down comfortably and relax. Clear your mind, meditate. Any thoughts that enter your head, just observe them a  let them float by like a single cloud in a beautiful blue sky. Lay perfectly still.

Once you are relaxed you will enter the hypnogogic state. You will start to feel yourseelf slipping into a semi-dream state. You might hear noises or see shapes in your eyelids.

You will enter sleep paralysis soon after. You will be unable to move when you enter this stage. Just go through with it. Don't freak out, it is totally natural and you will be fine once you wake up, remember it is only temporary paralysis.

You may feel a falling sensation at this stage. You will fall into a dream soon, the setting of  the dream will form in front of you suddenly. You will then be able to interact and walk around in the dream.

Have a regular sleep cycle

When you are learning how to lucid dream it is very important that you get enough sleep.

Study your REM sleep cycle. This is the stage of sleep where you dream. Vital when learning how to lucid dream.

Make sure you get a minimum of 7 or 8 hours of sleep a night, if this is not enough then get as much sleep as you need.

FILD (Finger Induced Lucid Dream)

Wake yourself up in the middle of your sleep. You can either set an alarm or train yourself to wake after a dream finishes.

Whilst you are in bed falling back to sleep, make subtle movements with your fingers. Move your index finger and middle finger up and down.

Whilst doing this perform occasional reality checks. After a little while you will enter a lucid dream.

Guided meditation for sleep

Guided meditation sessions are specialized for a specific purpose. There are some highly effective ones for sleep or lucid dreaming.

If you choose not to use guided meditation then try focusing on your breathing to relax. This is vital when you are laying in bed trying to induce a lucid dream. Suggest to your subconscious that you are entering a lucid dream.

Theta Binaural Beats

Binaural beats can help induce sleep and make your dreams more vivid. This is another great way of entering a lucid dream. At 3hz you brain is in a deep sleep but at 7-9hz you will enter a lucid state.

GILD (Game Induced Lucid Dream)

Playing realistic first person video games has been proven to induce a lucid dream state. Play a game of this description every night before bed.

Do reality checks every 15 minutes whilst you are playing the game. Set an alarm to go off every fifteen minutes to remind you.

Repeat this process every night and each morning take note of what dream you had, the closer you got to dreaming about the game the closer you have come to having a Game Induced Lucid Dream.

TILD (Thirst Induced Lucid Dream)

Go to bed thirsty and take a glass of water with you. Leave the glass of water next to your bed and when you get to sleep you will find yourself reaching for the glass of water in your sleep. When you find yourself doing this perform a reality check.

Combinations work best.

The best method for learning how to have a lucid dream is to combine 2 or more of the methods listed above.


The ability to lucid dream really enhances your manifestation abilities. It is like a more advance variation of creative visualization.

Learn how to steer your dreams in a direction of what you want in life. It really is like a more powerful form of visualization, which truly is one of the most empowering actions you can take when manifesting your desires.

Dreams contain a lot of symbolism, learn to interpret what your dream meanings in the context of your life. For example a train track might mean your on the right track. Get yourself a dream dictionary:

As you become an expert you will realise the real benefits of lucid dreaming. You don't even know until you try it!

What are your methods of initiating a lucid dream? Let me know in the comments.


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