How to Deal With Negative People

Take away the negative filter and this would be a beautiful photo. Same applies to some people.
We are always advised to avoid negative people.

Sometimes it is just not that simple.

What if the person is a big part of your life? Perhaps a family member, a colleague at work or someone else close.

I know the feeling.

My long-term boyfriend is a perfect example. Every time a small mishap takes place, he makes a massive deal of it. Once he is in that negative, angry head-space, he gets stubborn and absolutely refuses to snap out of it. Now I love the guy to bits, don't get me wrong.

I have tried just about everything. Ignoring him, I tried going along with it, pleading with him, changing the subject. All of this to no avail. He is a stubborn piece of work.

It is only now (over three years later) that I am beginning to figure out how to deal with his negativity.

A habit wired into their brain.

I thought to myself that maybe the negative thinking was just a part of my man's personality.

It is a result of negative life experiences and how they affected his perception of reality. A destructive thought pattern that he has picked up over the years. It is not his fault. He is a good person. He also expressed that he wants to make positive changes and is trying his hardest.

The biggest obstacle is negativity.

You can help them.

I don't mean preach to them about change.

Unless they are looking for that type of advice.

You cannot force your beliefs on a person. Some people will challenge you and become resistant, further growing their negative streak.

You should not give up on someone just for seeing life in a negative light. They may not realise how this affects things.

Be patient.

Being around a negative person can be a blocker on our manifestation journey but with a bit (or a lot) of persistence, you can help them feel better about life. They may even join us on this beautiful journey to joy and abundance.

Demonstrate to them the powers of a positive thought. There is no point in keep telling them to "be more positive" .

People need proof.

Strive to have a powerful core belief system which empowers you. Show them the Law of Attraction in action.

The person has to want to change. It helps a lot if they have a base desire for a better outlook on life.

Radiate your positivite vibes into their life.

This might be a tall order. Seriously I am not going to pretend I have mastered it yet. I am still in the learning process but have come little break through moments recently.

You will struggle to get through to a sceptic by just talking to them.

Stop stressing yourself out trying to convince them to change the way they think. You're hurting the situation more and may be causing them to resist you further and possibly end up even more negative.

Your best bet is to go on living your life in a positive way, reap the benefits and show an attitude of gratitude in life. You know like how you usually would anyway.

Do not let their negative attitude drag you down as you are going to pick them up. 

Practice meditation and viewing your thoughts and circumstances objectively. Negative emotions create a huge block in your life.

Focus on how "positive" of a person your pessimistic friend is. Write a list of the things you like about them. The good times you've had together. They do have a positive streak. It just needs to be brought out and nurtured.

Don't get upset with them.

Don't make too big of a deal out of the situation.

If you put too much energy into helping this other person you will just end up draining yourself.

Some people are just naturally their own worst enemy and it is not worth wrecking your own head just for the sake of helping them.

Remember that you are doing the person a favour.

Just allow the situation to unfold, believe in yourself and believe in them.

Appreciate them for who they are. You cannot force change on them. Just give this situation time.

If you tell them that you are trying to change them, they may resist and make life more difficult.

Note: I am not trying to encourage you to change everyone around you. People are entitled to their own lifestyles and opinions. You cannot interfere with a person's free will.

This is only intended for helping people who are in desperate need of a new direction in life. Their life is being destroyed by a negative head-space.

If so they may have chronic depression, anxiety or another mental illness. This should not be ignored a doctor may need to be consulted.

Look after yourselves guys n gals.



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