How to Meditate Properly - The Best Relaxation Techniques


When there are thoughts, it is distraction; when there are no thoughts, it is meditation" - Ramana Maharshi

When was the last time you granted yourself permission to relax completely?

Chances are that last time you had some down time you were still immersed in some activity. Even if it was something low-key like reading or watching TV.

People spend most of their lives focusing on what's going on around them; they never slow down to go inside themselves and explore what is going on within.

There are many benefits of meditation including but not limited to:

Just to make your life easier I am going to let you in on the best meditation techniques I know. So now you know how important it is to relax, read on.

The best meditation techniques.

Meditation is a natural function of your mind.

Everyone has the ability, whether you have mastered it or not.

Even if you have seemingly uncontrollable racing thoughts, you can still tame them and find inner peace and happiness.

Here are some tips and tricks. Follow the advice I am about to give you and you will be able to experience wonderful feelings of well-being.

How to meditate effectively:

These relaxing tips are in no particular order, they are all effective and you can use them however you see fit. Have fun!

find a nice quiet place.

Somewhere away from distractions and noise. A place that naturally makes you feel more relaxed.

Get yourself comfortable

You do not have to sit in any particular position. Just make sure that the position you do choose is one that is comfortable so that you can stay this way for as long as needed.

You can be laying down, sitting or standing. It helps if your spine is straight but relaxed and natural. Don't strain yourself to keep your back straight.

Deep breathing exercises

Breath in to a count of five. Hold it for a count of one. Exhale for a count of five. Repeat.

You can tweak the duration of the inhale or exhale if you so wish. Find out what works for you.

Walking meditation

Practise mindfulness whilst you walk through a peaceful location. Preferably somewhere that you can be with nature.

Walking meditation is a great way to get a bit of exercise. It can also help you if you find sitting meditation difficult due to restlessness.

Binaural Beats Meditation

Your brain's frequency is measured in HZ and it changes according to what state of conciousness you are in.

Binaural Beats allow you to automatically alter your state of state of conciousness by listening to the the correct frequency. Choose your tone according to what you are looking to achieve from your meditation session.

Count backwards

A great thing to focus your mind on whilst you let all those other thoughts fade away.

Try counting backwards from 300 or whatever works for you.

Open eye meditation

You don't have to close your eyes while you are meditating.

There are two main ways to meditate with your eyes open:
Focus on an object: Any object that takes your fancy. It could be a tree if you are outdoors in the park. If you are indoors then try a candle as the flame can be very mesmerising and calming.
Keep focus soft: Do not focus on anything. Just direct your eyes into the space in front of you. Try to disperse your focus evenly.

Loosen up with basic yoga poses

Doing some Yoga stretches works great before or after a meditation session.

Helps to release any tension in your muscles, therefore enhances the physical health benefits of meditation.

Guided Meditation

Get on Youtube and see what you can find. Here is a list of guided meditations on Youtube at Live the Life You Love.

If you wish for a higher quality guided relaxation experience you could always invest in a professionally made CD or MP3:

Observe your thoughts

It is perfectly natural to have stray thoughts in your head. Just observe your thoughts. Do not resist as this can be frustrating and hinder your relaxation.

When an unwanted thought comes in your head, do not connect an emotion with it. Just observe it and dismiss it by counting backwards from 300 until it has gone.


Every person experiences meditation differently. Each session of deep relaxation session goes in a different direction.

There are no rights or wrong way to be mindful. Just do what feels right for you.

Allow your mind to wander, see where it takes you. Just be in the moment.  There are no strict guidelines you have to follow.

Listen to the natural rhythm of your body.

Here is another tip: If you are working or studying and you find yourself zoning out, that is your body's way of telling you to take a break. Use this to your advantage and do a quick meditation. You will find you are much more productive afterwards.

Most importantly - enjoy yourself. A deep state of relaxation is one of the most rewarding feelings on the planet. It also vastly improves your connection to the universe, which is vital for living a life of joy and happiness.

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  1. Before we even begin meditation, tip number one is to start with three deep exhalations to ventilate unnecessary air from our system.


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