Benefits of Random Acts of Kindness - Take Your Happiness to the Next Level

You have no doubt heard it before - random acts of kindness are the key to a happy and prosperous life.

Well, this is very true!

Whether you practice kindness in the classic sense of the word, such as helping an old lady cross the street or something a bit more obscure.

The benefits of random acts of kindness are phenomenal. You will feel noticeably better about yourself if you strive to do this on a daily basis.

Benefits of random acts of kindness:

If you go through life just thinking of yourself, you will not be a very happy or fulfilled person. Other people will not think much of you either.

Sometimes being selfless is the best way to benefit yourself!

Some of the ways you can benefit are:

What goes around comes around

You have probably heard this saying before in your life.

That's because it is true!

If you do kind things for the people around you, including strangers, they are more likely to do the same for you when you most need it.

Whether you are a believer in karma or not.

What is there to lose just by being nice to people? There is nothing more rewarding than making someone smile who was feeling down or helping out a person with a disability and making their life a lot easier.

Give it a try some time to day!

Your image

Would you rather be known as a grumpy unapproachable a**hole or a kindd hearted person who is friendly towards everyone.

I know which one I would choose.

If you went for the first option, good luck with keeping any friendships worth having!

Trust me, you will have more reasons to smile and more valuable friendships in your life if your reputation is that of a friendly and likeable individual!

Better for your health!

You know how there is a link between physical and mental health.

Well if random acts of  kindness lift the mood and improve mental health, well good physical health is bound to follow!

High stress causes your body to release cortisol (the stress hormone) which is very damaging to many or your organs and bodily functions. It can cause weight gain and many serious health issues.

Being nice to people is proven to be one of the best ways to naturally beat stress and lift your spirits.

It's conclusive - you need to be nice to people!

Just by making someone else smile, you can put a smile on your own face too. Now I would call that killing two birds with one stone!

Do the random acts of kindness challenge and see if you can do a kind act for at least one person a day.

This can be a stranger or a family member or friend.

Write down the act of kindness is a journal and see how much happier you feel in 30 days time!

If you decide to take this challenge, let me know in the comments. Get your friends involved too by sharing this post!


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