There are limited resources in the world so how can everyone have what they want?
Everyone wants something different. That is the beauty of it. There is plenty to go round. We call it abundance.

How will it take for me to see results?
There is no defined amount of time. There are a number of factors which play a role. It depends on how big or small your desire is. For example if you just really want chinese for dinner that can happen pretty much instantly (provided you believe and allow it to happen). On the other hand, manifesting yourself a brand new Lamborghini will take a little while longer. You will start to understand with time.

Why isn't everyone doing this if it is so easy?
A lot of people are very stuck in there ways, chances are that it is just too mind-blowing for them. People tend to be sceptical when they can't physically see something working.

Why do you share this info for free?
My life has not always been as easy as it right now. I was homeless for years. The only thing that got me where I am today is this exact system of thinking. Someone shared this concept with me so I want to give back to the world. I want other people to reep the benefits in the same way I did. 

More questions? Need advice?
Whatever it is you need, pop me an email to hannahjowen@rocketmail.com
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